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The audio platform
for your company.

natif. est la plateforme de podcast 100% dédiée à la communication corporate. Elle facilite les échanges, développe les liens et les compétences au sein de votre organisation.

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The most effective way to
organize the audio experience
of your company

Our solution
  • Discover the company

    A section designed for employees in search of meaning, in order to share the vision of their company: its history, its current challenges, its values, its CSR commitments, etc.

  • Record your voice profile

    Personalised audio profiles to better understand each other's tasks.

  • Record your internal news

    Communicate your message to all your employees in a few seconds: a speech by the leader, good news to celebrate, news items.

  • Organize your audio content

    Secure hosting of your company's internal and external podcasts for easy retrieval.

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Use cases

  • Support changes for good

    • Share the company's vision
    • Give sense to work
    • Push your teams to action
  • Embody internal communication

    • Strengthen corporate culture
    • Put employees in the spotlight
    • Give a voice to leaders
  • Improve employees onboarding

    • Improve employees churn rate
    • Build trust
    • Increase employees' engagement
  • Lead sales teams

    • Understand the business issues
    • Share the feedbacks
    • Celebrate big wins
  • Keep your well-being

    • Promote deep work
    • Boost happiness at work
    • Prevent psychosocial risks
  • Replace unnecessary emails and Zooms

    • Increase culture of asynchrony
    • Avoid time-consuming meetings
    • Save time


Private audios and podcasts - The natif. application keeps your content secure.

Single sign-on (SSO)

  • Laura Di Muzio
    The strength of the collective
  • Jacques-Yves Hennebel
    Free up your voice
  • Samuel Durand
    How to integrate a freelancer?
  • Jessica SampĂ©
    Burn-out: How to prevent it?
  • Understanding bitcoin
  • The challenges of cybersecurity

Access to inspiring content

Masterclass, audio learning, wellness or original podcasts; inspiring audio content available on natif.

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A team of experts  to support you

  • Hotline and support

    Dedicated CSM. We are available
    by phone, email or chat

  • Editorial strategy consulting

    Define an editorial strategy fitting your needs. Support the creation of your informative, immersive or narrative audios and podcasts.

  • Training and support

    natif. set up, admin training, activity report

Equipe d'experts Ă  votre Ă©coute