October 8, 2022

Why does Netflix, the world leader in video, use podcasts in its internal communication strategy? How does the Pasteur Institute of Lille promote its expertise and highlight its employees through podcasts?

In the corporate world, the channels used by communication teams often follow the trends of mainstream media: blog, video, social networks... Today, audio is at the forefront of the scene. So how can you effectively integrate it into your communication plan?

Internal company communication, or how to move forward together

Before going any further, let's define the term "internal communication" and its challenges!

Internal corporate communication refers to all communication actions that allow employees to exchange and access information within the organization.

The main objective of internal communication is to promote teamwork and knowledge sharing for collective success. For it to be effective, it must involve everyone in the company: from the executor to the executive.

From then on, successful internal communication meets 3 challenges:

  1. Communicate information clearly within the organization
  2. Develop the corporate culture, infuse common values into communication
  3. Motivate teams and encourage employee commitment

The internal podcast to spread the corporate culture

At a time when blogs and newsletters are often less read by employees, the internal podcast answers two key questions:

  • How can we put people back at the heart of internal communication?
  • How do you keep communication flowing when teams are working in hybrid mode?

Witness the life of the company

In order to exist, the company's culture must be lived and shared. It is guided by the company's raison d'être and values, but it is the employees as a whole, through their actions, their choices, their habits, who make it exist. To engage teams, especially new employees, it is interesting to share the moments of the company's life and the major decisions. In this context, audio is interesting because it allows people to speak spontaneously and authentically.

🎧 In the internal podcast We Are Netflix, Netflix employees talk about their work and life at Netflix. Lyle Troxell interviews inspiring colleagues to discover how the company's culture creates a highly productive and rewarding workplace.

Put employees in the spotlight

A company's performancedepends above all on its employees. By giving a voice to its employees, the company acts on three levers:

  1. It promotes a better understanding of the business by its stakeholders;
  2. It welds the bond between people;
  3. It brings social recognition to the workers.

All of these elements increase commitment and reduce turnover by responding to the quest for meaning of the new generations.

🎧 In the podcast La vie, employees of the Pasteur Institute of Lille share their jobs and their backgrounds. A format that offers the 800 people to discover the daily life of the campus employees.

Carrying the company's commitments

The CSR approach is becoming more and more important in companies. According to the CSR 2021 barometer, 80% of large groups are active or very active on the subject. However, this survey points out that the main obstacle is the difficulty of getting teams on board (especially middle management).
In order to give visibility and above all to enhance the value of actions linked to CSR commitments, the documentary or interview podcast allows everyone to project themselves more concretely.

🎧 In the podcast Ailes, Roole gives the floor to women in the company who one day felt they had grown wings, thanks to a click, a discovery, a project. A podcast born from a reflection around equal treatment and empowerment of women, in connection with their commitment to gender parity.

As we have seen in this article, there are many reasons to integrate the podcast into your internal communication. The voice brings spontaneity and authenticity and thus contributes to making your communication more lively and motivating.

And you, do you already communicate in audio? How do you create a bond of engagement with your employees?

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