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In this episode, Laurent Delime, HR Director and partner at Easi, tells us how Easi has turned his life around.
The IT services company puts itself at the service of its employees: table soccer, hairdresser, dry cleaning... But above all meritocracy, transparency and excellence. No manager has been hired in 10 years, because Easi finds them within its employees. Everyone grows within the company, right up to the highest management positions.
Easi is owned by its employees, as one third of them are shareholders. "The best HR management tool," says Laurent Delime.

  • Employee ownership
  • Commitment
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The guest of the Corporate Culture podcast

Laurent Delime graduated in 2004 from the Haute Ecole de Namur - Liège - Luxembourg. He joined Easi in 2008. His first job? Recruiter. Laurent Delime then became HR coordinator, then manager, and now director. His role? To accompany individual developments in order to help the team, and therefore Easi, to grow. The company has grown from 80 to 500 employees and in 2022 will be ranked 3rd best employer in Europe by the Great Place to Work Institute.

Recruiting on values

Laurent Delime began his career at Easi as a recruitment officer. According to him, this is an essential element in a company. At Easi, there are eight recruiters for about 500 employees. With his experience in recruitment, this Human Resources Manager knows very well what makes a good employee, happy and fulfilled at work. "We hire people based on our values," he explains. Values carried by the founder, Salvatore Curaba.

First of all, the sporting values. Salvatore Curaba is a former professional soccer player. After training in IT, he became a CS manager and then created Easi. During his training sessions, he explains that when he was a high-level sportsman, "the staff did their best to make sure that the players were the most efficient on the day of their match". Laurent Delime draws a parallel with the business world: "If we take good care of our employees, they will perform well for the client". During recruitment, the teams analyze collegiality, team spirit and the ability to work in a group.

But beyond these sporting values, Salvatore Curaba has brought with him what Laurent Delime calls the values of work: commitment, the desire to evolve, a sense of responsibility, transparency, authenticity and benevolence. " A person who is disengaged with us will quickly feel bad, because at Easi everyone is looking for the same thing and it moves fast" explains Laurent Delime.

Being happy at work: the basis of the Easi system

"There is no such thing as a short term vision with us." he says. Easi places its employees, their professional development and their career development at the heart of its system. For example, no managers have been hired in the last 10 years. Easi recruits them from within its teams.

Hiring an outside manager "sends the wrong message to our employees: 'you're not good enough, so we'll look elsewhere'". Making a manager out of an employee is, according to him, "the best recognition" a company can give to its employees.

Easi now has almost 500 employees. Its founder, Salvatore Caraba, and its Human Relations Director, Laurent Delime, differentiate between "well-being at work" and "happiness at work". The "well-being" part is the visible part, the one shared by the media, i.e. the table soccer, the dry cleaner or the hairdresser. For Laurent Delime, these are "facilities". They increase employee satisfaction, "but that's not what makes a person stay at Easi". According to him, employees stay because they are "happy" at Easi. This happiness is explained by "the values, the missions, the autonomy, the transparency...".

The employee-shareholders

Easi's founder, Salvatore Caraba, decided at the time of its creation to give employees the opportunity to become shareholders. Thus, only directors, managers or key persons of the company, who have been active for two years at Easi and have been positively evaluated, can become shareholders.

In 2022, one in three Easi employees is equity in the company. In total, the company belongs more to the employees than to Salvatore Caraba. According to Laurent Delime, "it may be the best human resources management tool". An effective tool for employee loyalty, presenteeism, commitment and retention. For Easi, it is also an advantage because the company can expect more from its shareholders. A "win-win" solution that everyone agrees with.

At the same time, and in line with this meritocratic logic, no manager should remain in his post for too long. Thus Laurent Delime is aware that at the age of 52 he will have to leave his post as Director of Human Relations. "I tell myself that it's great because I'm fully committed to the story, I'm consistent and I make the people in my team evolve, even if I won't always be the leader" he explains. He is convinced that this will be an opportunity for him to do something else, to meet a new company, "a new appointment".