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In this episode, Alexis Dhellemmes tells us how his company, Avril, grows from the initiatives of its employees. He shares with us his passion for the liberated company. All united by the same dream, that of a company with zero waste and zero CO2 emissions, they are committed on a daily basis and are inventing the company of tomorrow. A sober company that has a positive impact on the world.

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The guest of the Corporate Culture podcast

Alexis Dhellemmes created his first company during his studies at ESCP Paris in the 80s. At that time, he sold household linens designed by his stylist father. He continued his professional life at Auchan for 17 years. It was there that he discovered the world of cosmetics as director of the international drugstore-perfumery synergy.


In 2012, he created his own brand of eco-responsible cosmetics: Avril. The brand now has more than forty stores throughout France and is beginning its expansion into Europe.

The liberated company as a source of fulfillment

In this episode, Alexis Dhellemmes explains the organization of his company according to the concept of the "liberated company". An organization where the employee is free and responsible to carry out the tasks and actions that he or she considers beneficial to the company's mission.

For this to work, the manager insists on the importance of everyone knowing the Avril corporate culture. At each store opening, he personally welcomes all new teams to explain Avril's values and tell them that they are free to make decisions.

"I want the people who work at Avril to find meaning and pleasure in their work," he says. A sense of meaning, which comes from Avril's environmental commitments, but also from the freedom given to employees. For Alexis Dhellemmes, "you may be the boss, but you are not always right and you don't know everything". Avril is enriched by the ideas of some and the proposals of others.

Install a library in a store? Use reusable crates for deliveries? There's no need to consult with him: everyone can make decisions as long as they respect the framework and solicit the opinions of the employees concerned.

Another peculiarity of his company: the employees of his stores do not have a sales target. Of course, the figures are observed, but everyone is free to set their own objectives if they wish. Alexis shares this obvious choice with us: "It takes the pressure off them that would not be fair, not adapted". Besides, how can we determine the value of an average basket, taking into account all the parameters? He prefers to share the desire to succeed rather than the pressure of the result.

The company's values at the heart of its performance

By placing all of its employees in the role of actor rather than executor, it creates motivated and enthusiastic teams. It is also very interesting for the company because it allows for an abundance of initiatives that improve the company's practices.

It is this commitment of the collaborators and their union around common values that give Avril a strong image. Alexis Dhellemmes has made word of mouth the heart of his communication strategy: a pleasant welcome, efficient advice and organic products produced in France.

Avril has no advertising, no partnerships and no sales. The quality of the products is at the center of the brand's performance. This is why only the flower of its logo appears on the products: a sobriety which allows it to have attractive prices and to make the organic and the good accessible to all.

All of these commitments are available on the Avril website.