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Develop your corporate culture to give it meaning

In its simplest definition, corporate culture is presented as the set of elements that form the identity of a company.
It is based on the values, vision and commitments of the company. The objective is toincrease teamcohesion and strengthen the feeling of belonging to the organization. Developing a corporate culture means giving meaning to the actions of employees.

In this podcast, we meet inspiring leaders to ask them what they define, but also how corporate culture is embodied in their organizations.

A podcast to listen to the company change

At natif, we help organizations strengthen their corporate culture through audio. In our advocacy of audio, we talk about our idea of the " culture of listening " as an inspiring and unifying project in corporate communication.
On a daily basis, in addition to witnessing the transformations in the workplace, we want to be its spokespersons, to share with you our encounters, their experiences and their advice to understand the revolution underway.

Every two weeks, we take you to meet committed leaders and enlightened managers who place people at the heart of their strategy and transform the world of work.

The journalist of the Corporate Culture podcast

Grace Leplat is a journalist at natif.
On a daily basis, she assists organizations in their audio communication strategy and in the production of their corporate podcasts.