Why natif.

Transform your
internal communication with
asynchronous audio

  • Authentic

    Your voice carries your convictions and conveys your emotions.

  • Easy to create

    Without the apprehension of a camera, speaking is made easier.

  • Asynchronous

    Listen wherever you are, whenever you are available.

  • Performing

    Audio content is more listened to than newsletters

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Develop your corporate culture
culture through the
power of audio.

News, new developments in the company, welcoming new recruits, announcing big wins: audio allows your employees to focus on what matters.

  • Share your story, your challenges and your values with your employees

    Knowing where you are going and why is one of the foundations of individual motivation. Embodying the company's values through the voice contributes to make your employees involved in your company's project and culture.

  • Record corporate news with your phone

    An effective internal communication helps involving, stimulateing and uniting your teams. natif. simplifies the creation and distribution of your audio news.

  • Host and stream your company's podcasts

    The confidentiality of your data is our priority. Our servers hosted in France ensure the security of your audio content.

  • Animate your community with push notifications

    Employee engagement is achieved through a mobile marketing strategy. Push notifications have a high open and read rate.

  • Discover inspiring content

    Offer your employees inspiring content. natif. is a key element in your QWL process. By ensuring the well-being of your teams, you improve your performance and efficiency.