• 63%

    of employees are in favour of audio in the workplace.

  • 86%

    of listeners believe that podcasts are a way of opening up to others.

  • 74%

    of listeners have changed their outlook after listening to a podcast.

  • 25%

    of increased performance when employees are connected.

We help you implement your audio editorial strategy



1 - Define the objectives

Before launching an audio communication project, start by identifying the issues and problems to be addressed.

2 - Train and involve ambassadors

Human ressources are one of the success factors in your audio communication. Identify them clearly and build up on their proposals.

3 - Validate a roadmap

Draft a reference document that lists the content to be produced, its frequency and characteristics. That will enable the enterprise to validate and share its intentions.

4 - Record the first audios

Before inviting the whole organization, create the company audio presentation and support the ambassadors in the recording of their audio presentations. Then, schedule regular recordings.

5 - Communicate and share

Mobilise your ambassadors and relay your audio content on your communication channels.

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